Printing Services


The phrase "ready-to-print" in the context of sublimation printing refers to the requirement for your artwork to be fully prepared and formatted for printing in the form submitted. Here are the key points to ensure a smooth process:

  1. Artwork Sizing: Before submitting your artwork, verify that it is correctly sized for your needs. The dimensions you provide should be exact, as the printing service will not adjust the dimensions of your artwork. This step is crucial to avoid any misprints or unsatisfactory results.

  2. Submission Process: Your artwork should be submitted in a format that is ready for the printing process. Given the custom nature of these orders, it's important to note that refunds are not available. Therefore, ensuring your file meets all specifications before submission is essential.

  3. Support and Assistance: If you face any issues or difficulties uploading your artwork, support is available. You should contact the provided email address ( and include your order number for reference. This will help in resolving your issue more efficiently.

The processing timeline for "ready-to-print" orders is 3-4 business days, which is important to keep in mind when planning your project. This timeframe refers specifically to the period required to prepare and print your order, excluding any shipping time. 

There is an upcharge of $10 if we have to put your gang sheet together.